What kind of summer camp is this?
The kids are mapping truck traffic?
The parents are getting bank accounts?
Welcome to Camp Cada Paso! 

¡PALANTE! ¡Bienvenido a Campamento Cada Paso!

Environmental justice, family resources, and play. East Harlem is our home and classroom and lab and playground. 

Please check out our 2023 fundraising campaign on IOBY if you haven’t.

This is a report of our data, activity and media in 2022.

Lots of our families are members of Little Sisters of the Assumption. Lots of families are not. But we’re almost entirely people who live in East Harlem.

58 Children served
28 Adults served
33 Children + 8 Adults = 41 Average daily attendance

While the kids are being kids, the grown-ups get to do other important stuff.

Getting bank accounts with the Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union

Learning how to navigate the public schools with Rosa Diaz of the Community Education Council District 4

Getting help with employment, GED and ESL with the Harlem Empowerment Project

Visiting with Councilmember Diana Ayala

Some of the kid stuff is science. What’s our air quality like? Our water quality? How hot is the sidewalk with and without trees? How NOISY is it? Our kids are measuring it.

Cumulative Traffic Count:

Trucks spew diesel exhaust up and down the avenues, back and forth from the Bronx. We count the trucks as a proxy for the air quality. Lexington air is better than 1st Ave air. Trees can help improve air quality.

Water Quality:

We’re built on swampland. When it rains too much our sewers overflow and our East River water fills up with E. coli bacteria. Climate change increases the flooding. Trees and other vegetation can protect us. (Click on the mosaics to see the full galleries.)


How helpful are trees? Up to 30 degrees difference on the sidewalk in the shade!


Noise impacts learning and sleep. Children are especially affected.

Built Environment Survey:

How can we activate public spaces? We assessed features of a highly used and highly unused space. Guess what? More trees, more people.

The youth leaders put the science together and shared it with our NYC Councilmember, Diana Ayala.
We need MORE TREES to protect our neighborhood from bad air, flooding, noise and HEAT!

Camp Cada Paso Proposal for East Harlem Health and Climate Justice

Tree Report

In the spirit of the Young Lords and Taller Boricua we imagined a better future of equity and self-determination. And we were showcased at the statewide Envision the Environment exhibition!


Take a look at the compiled zine from 2022:

Click here to see an archive of all the work! 

Envision the Environment

We were featured in the NYS Children’s Environmental Health Centers online exhibition.

Click here to see an archive of all the work!

That all sounds nice, but how did we do?
We walked a lot.
We expanded our horizons.
And it looks like we improved our health!
To be continued…

Miles Walked

Children: 1958

Adults: 507

Total 2465

Pre/Post Surveys  


Climate Lab
Harlem Empowerment Project
Little Sisters of the Assumption
Matt Mabe
Angela Maull
Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space
NYC Ferry
Office of NYC Councilmember Diana Ayala
Parson’s School of Design
People’s Church
People’s Credit Union
Pleasant Village Garden
John Sharp
Bunny Sheffield
Andrew Suseno
Taller Boricua
The Herb Garden

Thank you to our supporters who made this happen:

Angela Donadelle
Louis Hernandez
Michael Richard
John Culhane
Andy Sherman
Marc Lavender
Andy Aligne
Brad and Alex
John Sharp
Matt Meyer
Naomi Cohen
Barry and Naomi
Bret Ericson
Perry Sheffield
Maida Galvez
Aimee Mankodi
Monique Fortuné
Deborah H.
In honor of Culhane
Hank C.
Katie Benn
Davide Velez
Irene R
Ysabel Abreu