Cada Paso is a weekend walking program for families in East Harlem, formed in partnership between Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service and local health providers.

Although East Harlem endures greater health disparities compared with other parts of New York City, it is fortunate to have multiple health and social resources within the two square miles that comprise the neighborhood. Cada Paso’s year-round evolving curriculum of walks are tailored to address parents’ health concerns. By combining the physical activity of walking with educational content, conversation with allied health professionals, social networking and on-the-spot access to health resources we endeavor to empower families with the tools to preserve and enhance their health and achievement. Our families also participate in neighborhood transformation initiatives, to promote health and achievement for the whole community.

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Cyclopedia is a bicycling program that combines physical activity with collaborative online documentation for the purpose of empowering urban adolescents to become engaged and healthy members of their communities.

The lack of habitual outdoor activity that is often referred to as “nature-deficit disorder” manifests as increasing rates of obesity, behavioral problems, teen pregnancy and other adverse health outcomes; Cyclopedia’s objective is to prevent these problems from happening.

Each ride has an explicitly local theme pertaining to the neighborhoods our riders live in.

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